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Inserting for Shared Mail, Circulars and Newspapers

Inserting Circulars for Shared Mail

Inserting machines at Upper Valley Press are mission critical to both our commercial printing and shared mail capabilities. Printed inserts are logged and stored in our warehouse along with pre-printed material sent to us for inclusion.

When it's time to mail, we collect the right inserts, put them in our high-speed inserter and make packets.

The packets make their way through our on-location postal verification center and into the hands of every household in a specified range of zip codes.

Inserting Supports both Shared Mail and Commercial Printing

We have customers for shared mail that use the entire range of our services. Whether for circulars, flyers or cards, they are with us from design or composition through insertion and distribution of shared mail.

Some have inserts that have already been printed. They send us these pre-printed circulars to insert into our shared mail packet.

Our newsprint customers often need advertising circulars inserted into their newspapers before shipping back to them for distribution. Our commercial printing department even has the ability to print their newspaper and circulars to take care of the entire process seamlessly.

In-House USPS Verification for Direct Mail

One of our key features is access to postal verification within our own building. We house a USPS Detached Mail Unit (DMU) with a full-time dedicated postal clerk to handle verification of our direct mail and shared mail. This gives us an advantage in speed, accuracy and overall efficiency.

Inserting Pre-Printed Circulars

Do you have pre-printed circulars or other products you would like included in a shared mail packet? We are happy to take your piece and insert it into our shared mail packages.

Specs for Inserting

Our high-speed inserting machines are capable of inserting single-sheet to multi-page flyers. We can accommodate most formats with sizes ranging from 5 x 9 to 11 x 13 inches.

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