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Finishing Services for Catalogs and Half-Tabs

Catalogs Stitched and Trimmed

Our finishing services for catalogs and half-tabs are a perfect fit with our commercial print services. Our commercial press capability includes both heat-set and cold-set printing. That means we can offer you the ability to print newsprint for pages and premium paper (SCA) for the cover. Along with on-line and off-line folding, inserting and mail handling, our finishing services allow us to provide a full cycle service for your catalog and half-tab projects.

Stitching and Trimming for Catalogs and Half-Tabs

Our stitching and trimming machine for catalogs and half-tabs helps your product to look great while meeting your specific size specifications.

Finishing is one simple step in the printing process. But it is one that is necessary to your project and one that needs to be done with precision. Rely on us for finishing your commercial print project cleanly and precisely.

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