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4 Reasons to Ramp Up Newspaper Insert Advertising for the Holidays

‘Tis the season for retailers to start promoting their holiday sales with newspaper insert advertising that economically targets eager shoppers looking for gift ideas and bargains. In fact, more than half of all research for holiday purchases start in October or earlier—and many retailers start their holiday promotions as soon as summer ends, so don’t get left behind. Read on to discover how newspaper insert advertising can help you drive holiday sales.

1. Newspaper Insert Advertising is Trusted

Newspapers are a highly trusted source of news and information and a staple of everyday life for many consumers. Consider that 70% of Americans read a newspaper and half of those only read newspapers in print. In a crowded field of holiday promotions, newspaper insert advertising can put your brand in front of qualified prospects in a format they know and trust. As many as 71% of consumers trust print ads versus 41% who trust TV ads—and 25% who trust online ads. Credibility is an essential ingredient to advertising success, and advertising with newspaper inserts is a great way to give consumers confidence in purchasing your brand.

2. Print Ads Generate Holiday Excitement—and Action

Leveraging newspaper inserts is a great way to amplify holiday sales because the print format of the promotion is highly effective at getting buyers to act. It’s tactile and engaging with artwork and compelling messaging designed to draw consumers in—and keep them entertained. Many consumers can’t resist the appeal of a printed ad. If you’re looking for a way to get sales on an upward trend, consider that 65% of print readers take action after viewing a newspaper ad—and grocery shoppers are six times more likely to buy a product than average retail buyers. Work with a newspaper insert advertising vendor to develop high-impact holiday promotions delivered to targeted households in your geographic target area to drive foot traffic and online sales.

3. Money Doesn’t Grow on (Christmas) Trees

Competition for holiday shoppers is fierce, so it’s important to maximize every dollar of your advertising spend. Holiday shoppers are looking for gift ideas and deals, and a well-placed newspaper insert or standalone ad gives your brand and products much-needed visibility as consumers make their shopping “lists.” But this isn’t a one-and-done tactic. Run weekly inserts through the holiday season–especially in the weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year. To keep costs down, try bulk printing of your newspaper insert advertising to save money. Pre-print inserts in bold, holiday colors and leave small areas that can be digitally updated with relevant sales or messaging as your campaigns change.

4. Brick-and-Mortar is “in” this Holiday Season

Don’t make the mistake of thinking everyone will be doing all their shopping online, because more than half of young shoppers will be heading into their favorite stores this holiday season. As many as 55% of Gen Z shoppers will reportedly be buying from brick-and-mortar stores this holiday season—as will 54% of baby boomers. It seems younger, millennial shoppers are experience-driven, and there’s no better holiday experience than in-store shopping, where products can be seen, held, and evaluated before purchasing. Use newspaper insert advertising to attract these young consumers to your store with deals and sales. An experienced newspaper insert advertising vendor like Upper Valley Press can insert holiday promotions into newspapers and shared mail distributions in a one-stop shop for design, printing, inserting, and distribution.

The time to plan your holiday promotions is now. Contact Upper Valley Press for newspaper insert advertising options that can work with your sales goals and budget.

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