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4 Smart Ways to Make Pre-printed Insert Advertising Work for You

Want to further your direct mail reach with more economy? Perhaps it’s time to give pre-printed insert advertising a try. It lets you insert your direct mail into shared mail packets or newspapers. It’s a cost-effective way to strategically distribute your direct mail advertising to a wider net of prospects. Consider these key ways pre-printed insert advertising can work for your business.

1. Break through resistance

Newspaper and magazine print ads are a highly trusted form of advertising. In fact, 82% of Americans reported more trust in print ads than other forms of promotion. Another two-thirds of newspaper readers regularly read newspaper advertising inserts because they are highly engaging. Consider that nine out of ten newspaper readers take action after looking at an insert. Here are a few ways consumers display their trust in newspaper insert advertising:

  • 58% have made an in-store visit after viewing a newspaper advertising insert
  • 57% have clipped a newspaper insert advertising coupon
  • 41% have purchased a product advertised in a newspaper insert
  • 33% have saved a newspaper insert for future reference
  • 24% have passed newspaper insert advertising onto someone else

2. Target your distribution

Before choosing where to place your pre-printed insert advertising, determine who you are trying to reach by identifying your desired demographic and geographic target audience. By doing so, you can select the right insert advertising distribution for your needs. For example, daily newspapers are circulated to a large number and wide range of subscribers, making it an excellent choice for mass promotion to a large audience. Magazine inserts have smaller, more niche audiences, and might be a better choice if you’re trying to reach an audience with a specific interest.

3. Engage and delight your customers

As many as 65% of consumers say the best deals are found in newspaper inserts. With consumers looking to pre-printed insert advertising to connect with their favorite brands, reward them with the deals they’re seeking. Be sure your pre-printed insert advertising includes coupons or other money-saving offers and add a deadline to boost the urgency of your offer. For an integrated campaign, try incorporating a QR code that links to a website, landing page or online store. Need more proof that newspaper insert advertising with deals and coupons can deliver ROI? Consider these coupon statistics:

  • 85% of Americans use coupons
  • 61% of consumers say coupons are a top-ranking loyalty tactic
  • 97% of consumers seek deals when shopping
  • 52% of millennials use offers from their preferred brand or store

4. Get a bigger buy for your insert advertising dollar

The cost of your pre-printed advertising is calculated on the cost per thousand (CPM). To determine your CPM, divide the insert cost by the number of households reached. By evaluating your CPM, it’s easier to compare your pre-print insert advertising options. Format options can also impact cost and some pre-printed newspaper advertising is more expensive to produce than others. Cost control can be achieved by pre-printing larger insert quantities with generic offers that repeatedly run throughout the year. Running a smaller advertisement shared with other newspaper insert advertisers can also help bring your costs down.

Upper Valley Press offers a wide range of pre-printed insert advertising—including full color, glossy inserts. We can print newsprint and glossy inserts, with folding, inserting and shared mailing in the same location. Contact us to learn more.

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