Interactive Design: peeling a sticker to reveal discount

Interactive Print: Yes, It’s a Thing!

If your business has abandoned direct mail in favor of digital-only campaigns, consider this: Direct mail response rates range from five to nine times greater than email, paid search or social media. A well-crafted direct mail letter package can deliver a 15.1% response rate. To maximize your direct mail impact, make it more engaging by adding interactive elements that keep your mail in the hands of recipients longer. There are many different choices for creating interactive direct mail, from games to QR codes and pop-up formats.

Read on to learn how to get started.

Digitally Engage Your Mail Audience

The best marketing campaigns are the ones that integrate online and offline channels. Taking a static direct mail piece such as a postcard and adding digital elements can deliver ROI by increasing engagement. For example, a postcard that teases a new product introduction can include a URL or QR code to a video that shows that product in action—or a case study video of how it’s being used.  Establish your brand as a thought leader by offering an online download of a custom report on a top-of-mind topic that provides valuable information and advice.

Surveys have long been known to be excellent engagement tools in the nonprofit arena; People are flattered to be asked for their opinion—and are generally more than happy to provide it. Create a direct mail campaign that includes the chance to receive a gift (or complimentary event entry) if they answer a simple online survey. SurveyMonkey makes it easy and affordable to conduct online surveys. Here again, engagement is the key to success, and the information you collect from the online survey can help you with future marketing endeavors.

Tap into the Love of Winning

Peel-to-reveal stickers and scratch-offs are highly effective elements that add a curiosity factor to any direct mail piece. On average, U.S. residents spend $206 on lottery tickets daily. It seems the potential of a big “win” is too tempting to ignore—and scratch-offs and stickers play into this thrill. Incorporate scratch-offs in your direct mail to reveal a “prize” or “savings” for your prospects. To incentivize a direct mail response, use interactive stickers that are peeled and affixed to a response card to qualify for a prize or discount. Have some fun with the concept by including odd-shaped or brightly colored stickers. To add a digital component, have prospects match or input something revealed under the label or scratch-off onto a landing page form with a promise of receiving a gift or savings offer for their time and effort.

Bring Game Love to Life

If you haven’t noticed the trend, game shows are making a comeback in primetime TV, and there’s a reason for it; consumers love to game! Shows like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune have consistently received high ratings—and a loyal audience of viewers excited to put their knowledge to the test. Nielsen reports that 64% of the U.S. population (13+) are gamers. Why not put that love of gaming to work in your direct mail? Let’s take Jeopardy for example. Test your prospects’ knowledge with a list of questions and offer a small gift or prize for the first five people who submit the correct answers online. Not only does this drive urgency, but it reinforces your brand in the minds of prospects—and their responses can provide valuable insight into their “readiness” to make a purchase.

The popular Highlights children’s magazine features hidden picture games, jokes, and crosswords that keep kids busy for hours on end. These same tactics can be gamified in your direct mail (and made more challenging for your adult audiences). The possibilities are endless, but it’s best to consider your demographic to create the right game based on your audience. How would your prospects respond to a piece of direct mail in the form of a puzzle that needs to be solved to reveal the offer?

“Connect the pieces of this puzzle to see your savings discount!”

“Solve this crossword to access a personalized message and savings offer just for you!”

The games that appeal to the 40+ generation are probably different than those that appeal to millennials (who might remember their love of Where’s Waldo? And I Spy books).

Communicate in Multiple Dimensions

Do you remember falling in love with pop-up books as a kid? That excitement and wonder of seeing a piece of paper transform into a multidimensional image never gets old. Today’s direct mail marketers can use pop-up mail to drive engagement with their collateral. These pieces can cost more in production, so it’s best to send them to a highly targeted, personalized list of recipients. For example, you can use it as an event invitation, to announce a new product to top-tier buyers or to engage sales prospects with a meeting. Another option can be found in 3D images. You’ll need to include the 3D glasses for the ultimate experience, but this tactic can pay off in improved engagement with and memorability of your direct mail.

Regardless of what you choose, remember to follow these six tips for success:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Make it fun
  3. Include an offer/prize
  4. Relate it to your industry
  5. Keep it branded
  6. Customize it for your demographic

As direct mail experts, Upper Valley Press can help you create interactive promotions that engage your audiences. Our Target Direct services can help you develop direct mail to delight your audiences. Contact us to learn more about our turnkey direct mail design, print and distribution services.

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